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Specialized Possum Removal Brisbane

Is a possum making its home on your roof or in the spaces between your walls and floors? Although residents of Brisbane may find possums endearing at first glance, they can cause quite a few problems. Possums make a lot of noise at night, which will keep you and your family up. Their waste products, urine and faeces, can leave nearly permanent yellow stains on your ceilings. If a possum dies on your roof, the odour can become intolerable.

As a result, your dog(s) may bark all night long. They might cause fire concerns by shifting your ceiling insulation as they establish nests there. Your home is like a palace to a possum, so it’s no surprise that they are lining up to move in. Possums can easily get access to the interior of a home by finding a crack or crevice in which to do so, such as under an overhang or eave, in a chimney, during construction, or in a garage wall. You need to check out Blink Pest Control for Possum Removal Brisbane to get rid of possums in your space.

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    Why Do You Need Possum Removal Brisbane Services?

    They May Cause Your Dogs Distress

    Although possums might not annoy you, they might be considered a nuisance by your furry friends. To begin, there’s always the chance that your dog or cat won’t get along with the possum. A struggle may break out, injuring one or both animals and even worse, your pet may catch a sickness from the possum.

    They May Cause Chaos in Your Trash Cans

    It’s a common misconception that possums will destroy your trash cans. When possums find food, it’s usually because racoons or dogs have already raided the area. Nonetheless, if a possum is seen rummaging through the trash, it is usually held responsible. The possum may not have started the situation, but it may certainly make things worse. Possum catcher Brisbane can help you to get the solution.

    Their Destruction of Your House Is Possible

    If a possum finds its way into your home, you won’t have to worry about rabies, but you will have to deal with its voluminous faeces and the unpleasant odour given off by its anal glands when it feels threatened. Besides the previously mentioned diseases, possums can also spread parasites; also, they aren’t exactly the cleanest of creatures, so they aren’t exactly the most desirable houseguests.

    You Risk Having Your Garden Destroyed By Them

    Possums tend to congregate in areas where they have found a reliable source of food. What this can imply, sadly, is your garden. Possums will not only destroy your garden by eating your plants and veggies, but also by constantly trampling your garden as they make their way through your yard.

    Different Risks Associated with Possum Infestation

    Health Issues

    Health Issues

    If the hissing doesn’t work, they’ll either play dead or get aggressive, both of which are bad ideas. When a mother opossum is present, her young are at greater risk of being attacked. Their poop has the ability to spread diseases like TB and also leaves big stains wherever it goes.

    Property Damage

    Property Damage

    The possum is not a destructive animal. The good news is that they are adaptable and resourceful, making do with whatever they can find when they need to. Trash can be tipped over, birdfeeders can be emptied, chicken coops can be broken into, ductwork can be taken out of the wall.

    Possum Removal Brisbane

    Benefits of Choosing Blink Possum Pest Control Services

    Finding contractors who are punctual, reliable, pleasant, and deliver a quality service at a fair price can be challenging for homeowners. Over the years, we've worked with tens of thousands of private possum clients, and we've found that referrals and recommendations from those clients have been the single most reliable source of new business. We never take for granted the happiness and loyalty of our customers.
    Our commitment to you is the same as it is to our Commercial and Corporate clients. Restoring tranquillity and peace to your house after a possum infestation takes a methodical approach and high-quality, professional service. Else it becomes costly and messy at the end so you need to know Possum Removal Cost Brisbane in order to know we are the best and affordable in possum removal.
    In addition, we offer a possum inspection service before you buy so you may have the area inspected and learn about your removal choices. Our trained eyes will take care of the inspections and report back with recommendations.
    A skilled crew is standing by to eliminate the possum problem at your property. When possum removal becomes an urgent matter, you can rely on our experienced assistance.
    You may rest easy knowing that our possum removal experts can eliminate the problem of possums from your home or business the very same day you call. So, our highly skilled Possum catcher Brisbane will assist you in possum removal the same day you call us.

    Different Conditions for Possum Removal We Handle Easily

    Listed below are just a few of the situations in which Blink pest control is able to successfully remove possums from your property.

    Under Deck Possum Removal

    We have trained and highly skilled experts to deal with possums for under-dock possum removal. Our services are best in removing the possums from your space.

    Backyard Possum Removal

    Backyard possum removal is a job for our team of experienced and highly skilled professionals. Possum extermination is one of our specialities.

    Possum Removal from Roof

    Our staffs are well-equipped to handle the removal of possums from rooftops. We also offer possum removal services from any kind of roof.

    Fencing and Possum Proofing

    Getting rid of possums from fences is a job that’s well within the capabilities of our team. We can also do Possum removal Brisbane from fences of any kind.

    Types of Possums in Brisbane

    A native marsupial, the possum prefers to make its home among the branches of trees or cracks in rocks. Australia is home to 27 different possum species; some of these are tree-huggers that use special skin membranes to float from branch to branch. Some of the common possums found in Brisbane are:

    1. Common Brush Tail Possum
    2. Short-Eared Possum
    3. Common Ringtail Possum
    4. Greater Glider
    1. Sugar Glider
    2. Squirrel Glider
    3. Yellow-Bellied Glider
    4. Narrow-Toed Feather Tail Glider

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    Alive or Dead Possum Removal Services

    Blink Pest Control has extensive experience preventing possums from entering and damaging homes and businesses. Our professionals are well-versed in all kinds of buildings, as well as the Australian codes that govern them. We have an in-depth appreciation for your company’s requirements. An unchecked population of wild animals poses a serious risk to your company’s safety and productivity if they invade the workplace. Possum infestations are not only expensive but also pose a significant public health risk, endangering your employees, inventory, facilities, and production. We have got trained professionals for possum removal and we know all the techniques to remove possums from your space whether dead or alive. Professionals from us know the best techniques to remove both dead as well as alive possums from your home or commercial area.

    Possum Removal Brisbane

    FAQs on Possum Removal Brisbane

    Q. Can I Get Possum Traps on Rent?

    A. No. Possums, like other native species, require the appropriate wildlife permit before you can legally trap or touch the animal. Therefore, only a certified professional should place possum traps.

    A. Because possums cannot be legally removed from a structure and must be released nearby in accordance with all wildlife licences, “proofing” is the only option to prevent them from returning.

    A. Possums can be incredibly noisy if allowed to live in attics or under floors, but they can also cause structural damage if they are left there.

    A. According to studies conducted by government wildlife agencies, a large number of rehomed possums end up dying because they can’t find a secure new home. Cats, dogs, and other predators can easily attack them when they are relocated to a new area.

    A. After our Servicemen have inspected your property, they will give you with a written estimate to secure the doors and windows. This will allow us to give you an exact estimate of the cost to finish the task. Generally speaking, completed proofing work qualifies for a 12-month service period at no cost to the client.

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