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Although bees play a crucial role in plant pollination and should be protected at all costs, having them set up shop in your attic, ceiling, or other indoor space isn’t ideal, especially if someone living or working there is allergic to bee stings. Get in touch with bees control Brisbane and we’ll safely remove the bees from your house or office.

Blink Pest Control is a brand in Brisbane, Australia that offers expert bee control services. Their team of trained and experienced professionals is equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to safely and effectively remove bee hives from residential and commercial properties. They offer a variety of bee control services, including swarm removal, hive relocation, and honeycomb removal. Blink Pest Control also provides preventative measures to discourage bees from returning to the same location. They prioritize the safety of both their clients and the bees, using humane and eco-friendly methods whenever possible. Overall, Blink Pest Control offers comprehensive and reliable bee control services for anyone in Brisbane in need of assistance.

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    What Are the Disadvantages of Having Bees in Properties?

    No doubt species of bees are advantageous to us but they have some drawbacks as well and checking out bees’ pest control

    Brisbane can help you with that. Some disadvantages of Having Bee in Properties are:

    Bees Control Brisbane

    Honeybees are beneficial to crops, health, and the production of critical natural items for the body and home, but their painful stings are their major negative. Lucky for us, bees only sting when they feel threatened, such as when protecting their colony from invaders or when being stepped on or squashed. Their stingers are barbed, so they often remain in the skin, where they continue to inject venom and cause discomfort.

    Bees Control Brisbane

    Keeping native species of bees normally doesn’t take up a lot of your time. Honey and wax are time-consuming to gather because they are collected twice a year. Aside from that, as long as they have a wide range of flowers to nectar from, bees can survive quite well on their own.

    Bees Control Brisbane

    Serious issues could arise if your swarm of bees contracted one of the many diseases that can affect bees. Some of these diseases are fatal, thus a new hive will be required.

    Bees Control Experts

    Signs of Bee infestation at Your Space

    There could be a bee infestation in your home and you need bees nest removal in Brisbane to get rid of them if you notice any of the following symptoms there are chances of infestation:

    • You have a lot of bee problems around your house.
    • Actual nests built in trees or up against walls
    • Bees that construct earthen nests, burrows, or combs.
    • Honeybees settling into crevices in the bricks’ mortar

    Don’t get too close to or try to relocate a beehive if you encounter a swarm. After some time (which could be hours, weeks, or even months), they will probably move on, and they won’t be a danger to you or your property as long as they remain in a tree or other outdoor location. Where they can become a problem is when they are nesting in or around your home, especially if young children or pets are likely to accidentally disturb the nest.

    We provide bees control Brisbane services if you have a persistent problem with bees and have tried everything to get rid of them.

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    Pest Control Service for Bee Removal Brisbane


    Exterminating a Bee Squad

    Widespread praise from Brisbane pest control businesses and top-notch company

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    Taking Down Bee Hives

    A bee colony could have 10,000 to 100,000 individual bees. So you need to take them out of your space


    Bee Control

    We use cutting-edge technology to keep them out once we get rid of them, and we aim to provide emergency services and bee control services Brisbane area on the same day you call.

    Why Choose Blink Pest Control for Bee Removal Services?

    Licensed & Fully Insured Guaranteed Happiness 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Pest Control in Your Home.

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    When it comes to native bee pest control in Brisbane, we are the best bet.

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    Our Bee Pest Control Treatments

    • There are a number of options for dealing with bee infestations, but you should only trust experts like us to do it. A hive can be sterilized by vacuuming out the honey and then being placed in direct sunlight with a plastic cover. When that happens, the bees will perish since they can’t handle the heat.
    • The colonies of bees can be treated with chemicals that either kill the bees or drive them away from their home as a means of extermination. Dust, wet table powders, and aerosol residual formulae are injected into the wood to deter carpenter bees from constructing hives there.
    • First, we’ll do a thorough examination of your property. When we treat your property for bees, we will always first do an inspection of the immediate area. We then provide you with our professional opinion on the best way to eliminate bees from your property. All of the employees here are experts in their fields. They are reliable and prompt, always showing up to where they need to be and offering helpful advice along the process. Our bee pesticide is completely non-toxic, so you can rest assured that your family and pets are protected.
    • Stop putting up with these annoyances in your life. Contact us for bees nest removal Brisbane, and we’ll do all we can to make your life easier. Don’t worry about breaking the bank because we can adjust our prices to meet your needs. Stay safe from dangerous illnesses and avoid spreading them to your loved ones. We take care to make your house a comfortable and pleasant place to live because you deserve nothing less. Pest control services that effectively eliminate bees are available by calling us.

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    Emergency and Same-Day Bee Removal Services in Brisbane

    When temperatures are higher, bees become more combative, especially if the hive is located in the shadow or when there is an abundance of flowering plants. A beehive’s proximity to your property, especially if it’s disturbed, might pose a serious threat to human health. It’s not a good idea for someone who isn’t qualified to deal with the infestation on their own. As beekeepers, we offer 24/7 emergency services to remove beehives from homes and commercial buildings in the Brisbane area. We can eliminate the bees without risk to you or your property by handling the issue with extreme care. Our crew can remove the bees from your property and relocate them to a more suitable location using cutting-edge technology.

    Our organization is able to pest control services for bee control the very same day you call in southeast Queensland. When it comes to the protection of your family, we know that every second counts. If you make a reservation with us, we’ll be there within the hour.

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    FAQs on Bees Control Brisbane

    Q. How Do I Get Rid of Bees in Brisbane?

    A. If you only have a few bees in your home, you can kill them all with a solution of strong vinegar and water and for doing it in a professional way call Blink pest control services.

    A. A local beekeeper can perform live bee removal, rescuing the bees, and then keep them, sell them, or help the person seeking the bee removal keep them in a hive box.

    A. Yes, you can but professionals do it in a better and smart way.

    A. Immediately after the honeybees depart your home, you should remove their nest. Then, merely grab a rag, dampen it with kerosene, and rub the area where the honey bees are nesting. There will be no return of honeybees if this happens.

    A. Bees don’t like the taste or smell of peppermint, so using it to ward them off is a good idea. Peppermint plants placed inside the home help deter pests from entering.

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